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Chain & Sprockets Workshop

Learn how the drive chain and gearing work on your motorcycle – how to adjust your chain tension, inspect the chain and sprockets for wear, and replace them. This is also handy if you want to change your current sprockets to get more umph or create a more comfortable highway rpm for commuting.

If you only want to learn the basics of how to adjust, clean, and lube your chain – you should sign up for our Intro to Maintenance first.

In this workshop you have a few options:

• Replace the chain – $75
• Replace the front and/or rear sprockets – $115

If you don’t know if your motorcycle is ready for a new chain or sprockets stop the by the shop – no appointment necessary. We’ll be happy to check and let you know.

No previous tool handing or motorcycle repair knowledge is required before taking this workshop.

All motorcycle and scooter manufacturers are welcome to this workshop.

COST: $75 – $115
LENGTH: 1-3 hours





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