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Tire Changer

Changing your own tires is a very rewarding experience.

To use the Tire Changer you must first attend the Tire Change Workshop.

We understand that your schedule is busy and workshops may not be at a convenient time for you. Call if you need to schedule time to address your tire change needs.



The cost to use the tire machine and balancer is included in the cost of the Workstation.

If you bring your wheels off the bike the cost is $25 per hour ($25 minimum) and there is no need to make a reservation, but you still need to have learned how to use the machine.



– K&L Electric Tire Change Machine
– Wheel weights, black and silver ($.50)
– Used tire disposal ($4.00 per tire)
– Tire irons and spoons
– Assortment of accessories to help make tire changing simple



We sell most tire brands and have them next day in most cases (order by 3:30pm). We offer pricing competitive to online retailers. Our pricing offers near internet levels and allows the shop to make a few bucks.



Call ahead if you need valve stems or tubes so we confirm the proper fit.